Going Green

It takes one entire tree to produce a stack of paper that stands about five and a half feet tall. It takes 15 trees to produce 400 packages of paper – a full skid. In the course of producing letterhead, brochures, postcards, business cards and other printed materials, Allegra Marketing, Print and Mail consumes approximately one skid of paper every month.

However, through its green initiative "Print/Replant®", Allegra replants the same number of trees used through donations to non-profit environmental and educational organizations focused on planting trees.

"Our print shop is just a drop in the bucket in terms of total paper consumption. We want to make a difference and do our part to replenish this sustainable resource. Our clients feel good knowing that their paper usage will be offset by a contribution to replenish our forests.” - Michael Tarpinian, Owner

Save a tree and choose print.

You may think that you are doing your part by moving away from traditional print-based marketing and going farther into the digital realm, but printing actually helps to sustain our forests? Due in part to improved forest management techniques, there are more trees today than 100 years ago. Increasing the need for trees by keeping paper and print marketing relevant, our clients are playing an important role in helping the environment sustain itself and continue to be naturally healthy well into the future.