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Mailing List Rental and Management

Direct mail continues to be the strategy of choice for marketers of small and mid-sized businesses. It's cost-effective, trackable and best of all - it's targeted, meaning you can eliminate waste and expense.

Marketing truism: 80 percent of the success of your direct mail program is tied to the quality of your mailing list and your offer.

Targeting the most likely audience is Job #1 in direct marketing. If you're not talking to the right person, then nothing you can say or do will be effective. It's best if you can identify past behavior - someone who has responded to you or someone like you in the past. Demographic characteristics like age, income, business size or geography, will also go a long way in defining your target audience.

At Allegra, our direct mail experts take the mystery out of the mailing lists. We can source and manage your lists to make sure you are reaching your target markets the most efficiently and effectively.

Start taking advantage of Allegra's mailing services...and save.